Practice Gratitude Beyond Thanksgiving

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During Thanksgiving dinner, my family takes turns talking about what we are grateful for. While a lot of people reflect on what they are thankful for on Thanksgiving, there are benefits to practicing gratitude year-round.

It is so powerful to practice gratitude every. single. day. I whole-heartedly agree with the Zig Ziglar quote that “The more you are grateful for what you have, the more you will have to be grateful for.” Practicing gratitude has strengthened my relationships, helped me get through challenging times, and made me more optimistic.

“The more you are grateful for what you have, the more you will have to be grateful for” ― Zig Ziglar

I recently read Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis and loved her approach to practicing gratitude. Rachel recommends focusing on the small stuff. It’s easy to default to being grateful for your health, your partner, or your job…but by focusing on more micro and timely things, you train your brain to identify moments to be grateful for throughout your day. Try to make it a habit to think about what you are grateful for right when you wake up or as you wind down your day.

Here are a few examples of what I am grateful for:

  • I am grateful that I get to fly to visit my family today for Thanksgiving
  • I am grateful to my partner for making me coffee this morning before work
  • I am grateful that I was able to take an hour out of my busy day to practice yoga
  • I am grateful that I got to FaceTime one of my close friends last night
  • I am grateful to my co-worker Kari for subbing my yoga sculpt classes on Friday

How do you practice gratitude? What are you grateful for today?

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