Experimentation with the FaceOff AI Photo Generator App

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I’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with AI lately. This week, I downloaded the FaceOff AI photo generator app.

I downloaded the app to my iPhone and opted for the payment option of $7.99 for a week. They also have the option to purchase for a year.

Note: I am not affiliated with FaceOff nor am I receiving any benefits or compensation from this post.

In the past, I have used the Microsoft Bing Image Creator and DALL-E to experiment with image generation. I was excited to test out a new tool!

What is interesting about FaceOff is that you can upload photos of yourself and select from an assortment of AI-generated portrait packages like “Black and White Close-Up,” “Business,” or “Summer Travel.” You also have the option of entering a prompt for the AI to use to generate photos. I’ll share examples of both below.

First, I uploaded 10 photos of myself following the app’s best practice guidelines.

I experimented with several photo packs within the app.

I tried the “LinkedIn” photo pack. Below are some of the images that were created. I was pretty impressed by the output. The photos don’t look exactly like me, but they turned out better than I expected. I would never use any of these on LinkedIn, but they were fun to generate and browse through.

  • AI-generated portraits from the "LinkedIn" photo pack on the FaceOff app.

Next, I tested the “Black and White Photoshoot” photo pack. See a few examples of the output below.

  • AI-generated portraits from the "Black and White Portraits" photo pack on the FaceOff app.

I also experimented with writing some of my own prompts! The output was pretty closely aligned with what I asked for. The Apple logo on the MacBook even looked correct.

Some elements in the AI-generated photos were not quite right.

I showed the AI-generated photos to my husband and he said they had “uncanny valley vibes.” Face shape and teeth shape are the two places where the AI-generated images deviate most from my likeness.

I also noticed that some of the photos had some funky things going on, especially around the hands and arms….

In addition to portraits, the app also has photo bundles for couples, pet portraits, and simple videos.

The app includes over 100 image styles for couples and pets. The app can also create simple AI-generated videos based on your photo inputs.

I input photos of my dog to test the pet portrait pack. Here are a few examples of the output.

Similar to the human portraits, there were a lot of pet portraits that had some issues. Many of them included an extra leg or a body part that was the wrong color. If you look at the Harry Potter inspired portrait above, the flame from the candle doesn’t look quite right. The AI-generated images also do not incorporate text accurately.

In conclusion…

Did I have fun experimenting with the FaceOff AI-generated image app? Absolutely! Would I use these photos for anything or pay for an annual subscription, no.

Which AI-generated image tools have you tried? What was your experience? Drop a comment!

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