Benefits of Organic Social Boosting Using LinkedIn Ads

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Looking to take your LinkedIn company page to the next level? Boosting your organic content with LinkedIn ads is an easy way to reach new audiences by amplifying your top-performing posts.

What is an organic social post?

An organic social post is any social media post without a paid promotion. Organic social posts are displayed on your LinkedIn page. They are mainly seen by your followers and other people who visit your LinkedIn page.

What is organic social boosting?

By boosting organic social posts, you can pay to show your posts to an audience beyond your followers and page visitors. You can target people by location, job title, skill, company size, seniority, etc. You are also able to create a lookalike audience to target people who are similar to your existing followers.

What are the goals and benefits of organic social boosting?

The main goal of organic social boosting is to expand the reach of your organic posts beyond your current followers. I recommend using an engagement objective for these boosts. This means that the LinkedIn algorithm will show the boosted posts to the users in your target audience that are most likely to engage with the post. 

The secondary benefit of using the engagement objective for your organic boosts is that a “Follow” button is present on the boosts. Therefore you are able to gain LinkedIn followers as a bonus!

Another benefit is gaining share of voice on LinkedIn compared to your competitors. Want to grow your brand? Share of voice matters! According to Nielson, a brand whose share of voice is greater than its share of market is more likely to gain market share.

Not sure how you stack up against your competitors on LinkedIn? First, log in to your company page as an admin. Next, click on “Analytics” and then “Competitors.” Select up to 9 competitors. Then you will then be able to see the total followers for each of your competitors. You can also filter by time period (like month, quarter, year, etc.) to see how many followers your competitors have gained in that time period. Finally, you’ll be able to see the number of posts and post engagements for each competitor.

What KPIs should you look at for organic social boosts?

I suggest looking at click-through rate and engagement rate. Note that this will not be an apples-to-apples comparison with your organic post performance. The reason is that your existing followers are already familiar with you. They have opted in to see your content by following your page. The audience you target with your boosting campaign may not be familiar with you or engaged with your brand.

I do not recommend evaluating the success of boosting on impressions or clicks. These metrics are mainly a function of how much money you spend, not performance.

How should you decide what to boost?

I recommend boosting your organic posts with the highest engagement rates. These posts resonated the best with your existing followers. If you are targeting users who are similar to your existing followers, these posts should hopefully resonate with them, too!

The LinkedIn ads best practice is to have 6-7 boosted posts live in your campaign at a time. I suggest replacing the lowest-performing posts with fresh posts every couple of weeks.

How does organic social boosting impact your other paid media campaigns in an omnichannel approach?

It is common on LinkedIn for your audience to need at least 3-5 impressions before they click. Some audiences need even more! Boosting top organic posts helps warm your audience at a low cost.

Do you run lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn? If so, boosting organic posts also helps improve lead form completion rates. Users who have been exposed to your organic posts and boost campaigns have over higher lead form completion rate than cold audiences in lead-gen campaigns.

Boosting organic posts also helps build your retargeting pools for lead-gen campaigns. You can also retarget your LinkedIn page visitors and users who engage with your organic boosts in your lead-gen campaigns to continue to nurture them with gated content, event promotions, etc.

Want to know more about LinkedIn ads? Leave your questions in the comments section below or send me a message on LinkedIn!

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