Debunking 3 Common Marketing Myths

Four people gathered around laptops having a meeting.

Many marketing myths can lead businesses astray. Today’s post is a collaborative piece. Aimee Savran and I will debunk 3 common marketing myths and share our perspectives on what is the truth. Aimee and I worked together on the Prisma Cloud marketing team at Palo Alto Networks from 2021-2022. We have kept in touch and […]

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AI for Marketers

Woman typing on laptop next to an open journal, a teacup, and a vase of flowers.

Sam Altman, founder of OpenAI, recently said that AI will replace “95% of what marketers use agencies, strategists, and creative professionals for today.” I’m not holding my breath, but I do believe that marketers will need to learn how to effectively use AI in order to remain competitive. This past year I have been making […]

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A Lesson in Slowing Down

Vase with flowers and photo collage.

I am an extremely goal-oriented person. Part of this is due to how success is celebrated in our culture, where productivity and “busyness” are virtues. Part of it is just how I’m wired. For those of you familiar with the Enneagram test, I’m a type 3 (known as the achiever). I’ve never been great at […]

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